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A full-time thinker, philosopher and author, James Need is also extraordinary.  His blog, The Commonsense Philosopher Blog 1, is inspirational and spiritual. Discovering this blog has been a gift for this week of reflection.  The Commonsense Philosopher is packed with mantras for uplifted living.

All too often we come across blogs filled with what I think of as nonsense and crap. Blogs about cats playing pianos, the daily lives of toddlers doing toddler things, and insanity photographed and called fashion or couture. Not so often do we find really good content worth reading.  We all live busy lives and yet we fill hours of our days with time killing junk, Candy Crush and YouTube both have sucked hours out of my week.  But finding the Commonsense Philosopher was time well spent.

Taking time to teach other how to relax, enjoy the day-to-day, and to find a deeper peace within our lives, James has done an outstanding job with his blog.

Just relax, there’s nothing you have to do and there is no one you have to be…

Just accept…

Just flow with life…

Just be, here, now…

One of the posts that I actually really enjoyed the most is There’s no such thing as ‘luck’, its all about vibration… which has  very Abraham-Hicks feel to it.

We are energy by nature. And it is the vibrations (thoughts and subsequent feelings) that we consistently focus upon, that attracts and draws to us the people, situations, circumstances and experiences that flow into our life…

This piece vibrates with the same inspirational messages that we keep hearing more and more about.

I encourage everyone to take a look at this fantastic blog and let them know we sent you.


  1. Thank you :). It brings me so much joy that my blog is value to you and others. I am so very glad you are enjoying my posts, and thank you very much for thinking of me for blogger of the week 🙂
    Love and joy

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