Dancing with Fireflies Top 5 Worst Movie Endings

Have you ever sat through a movie wondering how it will end only to find that you have really wasted hours of your life for THAT? You sit there staring at the screen as the credits begin to flash feeling completely cheated. Some movies that need a dramatic end, but the rest of the movie is really worth watching.  These movies leave you wanting more and there is a reason for it… there are other movies coming!

For example, a few years ago my husband and I went to see the first Lord of the Rings movie late at night for the opening. I was a big fan of J.R.R. Tolkein, but admittedly I couldn’t really remember the books. So as this epic movie flows on I was sucked into the world and revved up by the dramatic fight that just happened when all of a sudden the two star hobbits just walk to the edge of the cliff and BAM the movie is over.. that’s it.  OVER. In fact, I was so stunned that I actually yelled “What?!?” in the movie theater.  My husband started laughing and tried to calm me down as people started staring at me as they started to leave the theater. “ That was IT?” I wanted to know.  There was no winning the war, no saving a princess, no resolution. This was not what I was expecting after 3 hours and it didn’t matter to me that the wizard and pointy eared gal next to me were giving me weird looks and questioning if I knew anything about Tolkein at all.  I was completely thrown off.  However, it was a memorable ending and well worth the shock.

These top 5 movie endings didn’t make me feel as good.  In fact they sort of made me feel like I did when I watched Mylie Cyrus twerking at the VMA awards, annoyed and confused.  I am warning you, there will be spoilers here.  But if you haven’t seen these movies you are either really late or you shouldn’t watch the movie anyways.

5. Signs – This was a weird movie to begin with.  I thought I was going to like it because I really thought that Mel Gibson would do a great job.  This was before he seemed to go crazy and now everything he does is bonkers.  Signs is about an alien invasion and a wholesome family living on a farm that finds mysterious crop circles and is suddenly now running and hiding for their lives. But why does this movie suck?  Sure there are a lot of weird alien movies, why is this one different? The aliens come to EARTH, a planet made up of water – 70.8% of the surface is WATER and the aliens are allergic to water? What the heck???  Who makes an alien movie where the aliens are stupid and go to a planet they are allergic to?

4. Castaway – This movie had some real promise, but failed. I actually just wanted the guy to stay on the island with his ball after seeing the ending. The poor guy spends day and night trying to survive so he can get back to the girl of his dreams only to find when he does get back that she’s a bimbo and moved on with a dentist.  Really?

3. Grease –  Alright, people are going to say that Grease is one of the best movies of all time.  And I agree that it is pretty darn awesome and I love the music and have seen it many many times.  However, the ending is stupid.  Grease lighting flies off into the clouds.. that is dumb. Sorry.. just dumb.


2. The Devil Inside – Yeah, this movie had ups and downs from the beginning.  But as it starts to actually get to the best part and you are waiting for a great ending the screen turns back and you are left sitting there again shaking your head as the credits roll.  There is no ending, there is no wrapping it up, nothing nada! This is one of those movies where they did a really great job with the commercials, because those were all you needed to see.

1.Bag of Bones – My number one wasn’t a blockbuster hit.  In fact it was a TV movie that I saw last night that has driven me crazy because I want my 6 hours back!   Bag of Bones is a Stephen King movie about a writer who moves out to his lake house after the death of his wife to write his next novel.  I should have thought a little more about investing time with this movie because I either love or hate most King novels and movies. This one was just so over the top campy.  A typical ghost story about solving a murder to help the ghost just ends up going wrong. Here’s why I hated it at the end;  In 24 hours our hero goes from accepting messages from his dead wife that he is still grieving for, begins to believe his wife was having an affair because she was pregnant with his old man sperm, starts making out with the mother of the child that the town wants to kill, finds out that his family has been cursed along with most of the town, again starts making out with the mother of the child only to have her shot in the head as he was kissing her, no goes running off with the child in the rain.  The child is soaking wet and gives him a sweet moment even though her mother has just been murdered and she is now at the home of a man she has only met once who is looking a bit crazy soaked in her mother’s blood. Blah blah blah, the hero stops the ghosts but ends up having to take some sissors to an old woman with some mad warrior skills in front of the little girl.  But it’s ok as the police are taking out the body and failing to ask either one of them any questions about the murders of several people that both of them were witness to, he asks her if she wants to take a boat ride????  They walk away from the swarms of police, the little girl still in his sweat shirt and boots that I have no idea where they came from, and now they are a happy little family going off on a canoe? What… the … heck!  I want my time back!

So here are my top five worst movie endings.  I would love to hear about yours.

Post your movie memories here in the comments and let’s talk about them!

~ Dancing with Fireflies ~


  1. I think many people felt the same way about the ending for “No Country for Old Men.” While I very much enjoyed the film and thought it followed the book closely, I did feel that the book had more of a sense of resolution at its ending, particularly since it provided a motive for the villain’s actions, whereas the film did not.

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