Here’s an older piece I wrote and I have loved.  Colors can be truly amazing characters and this one, Scarlet has been a favorite of mine. I hope you will take this challenge and write about your own favorite color and submit it to our Weekly Challenge.  Make sure you tag it with FireFlyChallenge so we can find it!  You can also post a link to our Facebook page.


The deep veins of my depths bleed beautiful, dark, and sensuous. I am graceful yet daring against an ashen contrast. Brooding and emotional whilst pit against the darkness, I am captivating. I taunt you with ruin and demand your attention. I am not primary; I am a delicate complexity that can barely be explained.

Yet my touch can be as striking and simple as the succulent cherry atop the billowy folds of whipped cream on a Sundae. I am everywhere. I flow deeply within every mortal shell, juicy and soft, filling the mouth without a trace of aftertaste.

 I stir the passions of lovers and cast the fearful into hell. I have carried the burden of shame and guilt upon my name. But am I not the executioner, the rage and desire behind the forgoing of all anxiety and morality.

 I am that exquisite woman sauntering down the street with long toned legs and sharp ruby stiletto heels, I am the flames of desire grasping at the sheets and tearing them to shreds, I am intoxicating in my allure.

 I am that first kiss placed warmly on nervous lips sends heat flooding through your body and curls your toes. I am there again when the wound rips open wide and your broken heart spills over and drains life to the ground.

 I am the forbidden fruit plucked from the tree of desire. I am your sinner and your saint, your dreams and your nightmares. I won’t leave your memories and you can’t replace me with some weaker version of me, there is no one like me.. and you know it. You think you own me, think you have domination, but secretly you fear me because you know I am so much greater than you.

 Come on Lover, come back to bed. Slide naked next to me and let me push you back to dreams with exhaustion. Shh… don’t talk… don’t say a word… let me do what I know you want. I’ll color your world, I’ll make you happy.

I am Scarlet.

Weekly Writing Challenge – Colorful Characters


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