Just got called out for Candy Crushin!



Yeah, I have been a little behind.  I took some personal days to get my head on clear. Hubby wasn’t feeling right and I had some thinking to do so I could gather up some steam for more blogging.  And work had me busy with making new zombies and such, so I haven’t been blogging enough for my fans.  Today I was feeling a little selfish ( and that’s a good thing sometimes )  and playing a bit of Candy Crush while waiting for my afternoon slowdown to pass when I got a funny little message from one of my favorite people telling me that I should be blogging and not playing Candy Crush.  ” Tick Tok ” she said!

Well that’s just the best thing I have seen all day.   OK OK.. I’ll get some coffee and get back on the wordy train.  I am sure I can pull something out for you!

~ C

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