Wordless Wednesday – Not forgotten.



It’s been 1 year, 365 days since his last call teasing me for not calling him back in a timely manner.  I was sick, end of summer cold and I was cranky because I had no voice.  “Show me some love, Woman!” he said.  It made me laugh and get up off the couch so I could give him my attention.  It went right to voicemail, which I didn’t understand then but thought he had it off because he was at the gym. I said to him ” I do love you, always.  You know that.  I’ve just been sick, but you weren’t forgotten. Call me, love you.  Bye”  We were ok with being loving to each other.  We were family, bonded like siblings.  He was my brother and my best friend. I am still showing him some love. ~ C. ~


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