Writing Prompt: Old Friends

Have you ever looked up a long-lost childhood friend—and wished you didn’t?

Looking up old friends can be alluring, especially when you are bored on a Saturday and Facebook makes it way too easy.  In fact Facebook not only suggests that you look up old friends, they hand them to you!

Oh yeah, I’ve done it. Sometimes the conversations just fizzled and you sort of keep those people on your friends list because you don’t want to be a jerk and just unfriend them.  Sometimes you honestly mean that the next time you are in their town ( which you have no intention of ever going to )  that you will look them up for a drink.  And there are others… that you really wish that you could have just left them in your memory as a cool person you used to know.

But hell, we are writers!  We use those disaster moments for great pieces! In fact I had a lot of fun writing about one encounter with a crazy wife of an old friend. That bitch called me fat!  I am still laughing about that. Did I mention that I found out that he hadn’t talked to me in all those years because right after we broke up he went to PRISON for attempted MURDER of the girl he cheated with? Yeah, I was actually lucky to get off with a great set of blog stories and a good laugh.  So go ahead, write about your wacko encounter with looking up an old friend.

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