From here, your life is pretty fantastic with your late night movie openings, travels around the world, and slumber parties with fun women who like to talk about games they play with silly men. I love to see what you are up to next.  Will you be dancing til dawn with someone beautiful or asked to be present at a luxurious party with celebrity guests?  You live so colorful while my life seems so pastel.

You like caviar and decadent nights on the town, satin sheets and shoes with tassels, and a life I just can’t imagine living. Fancy cars, swinging clubs, and people who know only this, such a strange but curious life.

Could you stand a day like mine?  Walk the dog, cereal and toast, family time with homework while making dinner for plenty just in case there are guests, quiet time while cleaning the kitchen and falling asleep on the couch watching football or would-be models, all before letting the dog out again and heading to bed so you can start it all again tomorrow.

Not everyone can walk in your world.  I couldn’t even wear the shoes! But I do enjoy viewing it from the safety of my quiet place. You say that “Regular” life beckons you, but sweet soul I wonder how mad it would drive you.  Could you live in the suburbs?  Would you be ok with farmer’s markets and county fairs?  I laugh at the idea I have of you picking your own pumpkins for Halloween out in the field with the rest of us, because you are fantastic and an amazing character who taken out of your setting and put in mine would be delightful. But I am sure trading spaces for me would be much worse, I would be eaten alive by friendly fire.  I sure it wouldn’t be long before I was ready to toss those high heels and come running back to routine.

From here, you are a super star and I am thankful to be on the ground watching as you sparkle above.

~ C ~

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