Dear Bomber, YOU are Pathetic.

487804_352787701494302_1523335402_nDear Boston Bomber,

You might think you pulled off something fantastic and got away with it. You didn’t and you won’t.

You wanted to cause terror and hurt a lot of people, you wanted to make a big statement, and you wanted everyone to see.

You were wrong. You didn’t scare us, you are making us band together and grow stronger. Your statement is that you are a pathetic coward who wanted to hurt and kill children, innocent and gentle people, and the only message we all see is that we Americans will stand together and find you.

We will use every picture taken, every video feed, every memory, every satellite in space and we will find you and make you the reason we stand stronger.  You can hide under rocks, we will turn them over.  You can live in a hell hole in the middle of nowhere, we will come knocking on your door. Don’t think that you are the hero of the story, you are just coward afraid of his own shadow.  We aren’t afraid of monsters, we’ve hunted them down before and wiped them off our planet, we will do that again for you.

– Americans sick and tired of bullies


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