Universally Annoyed

For the last couple of days I have just felt…. well… off.  I haven’t had a good grasp on my dreams, been pissy when I am trying to deal with people, and just feeling like I can’t get a good hold on calm.  This is the time of year when I am usually my best.  I can go outside, put my toes in the grass and mud, muck around with the fishpond, and enjoy the weather.  Yet even when I am out in this zen place, I am feeling that everything is slightly off.

Time and growth have taught me that the word around me is made up of perception.  I bring into my reality what I want, need, or focus on. The longer I focus on things that I do not want in my reality, I am also bringing into focus and attracting it to me. So, I have been working very hard on rejecting the passing thoughts that are negative or toxic. This is harder done than said! When I find myself reading the news and feeling really upset about what I am seeing, I tell myself that I don’t want this in my life and change the channel. When I start to think too much about the past and I feel myself emotionally upset at things that I can not change, I refocus on something that I can feel good about, things I enjoy about the life I have now and let the past go.

However there’s been an odd feeling about lately.  Frustration looms heavy over my head, people are being attracted to me again with their dramas and issues, and I feel as if I am fighting to try to force myself into a better place but the door keeps slamming before I can get in. It’s making me cranky.

Today I took a moment to find a calm place, look around to see what might be causing this uneasy feeling and get myself out of this funk.  I saw a post on Facebook by a wonderful and gifted woman, Laurel who writes for Illuminating Souls.  In the post she wrote “It’s time for an energy check… About two hours ago I started feeling a big wave of anxiousness and fear.  I’ve been working on clearing it… And it feels universal rather than personal. So I’m wondering, has anyone else been feeling this energy today?”

I was amazing that within minutes she had over a hundred replies answering the question with a deafening YES!

D- Honestly–this is majorly universal. I feel  weighed down as well. Yet when I ask….we  need to remember to ask….”is this my own “? Ripple effects…shadowy effects can be ours. Not the whole content. Asking is awareness that can create the needed distance for the energy to move away. Heard from  a 21yr and a 80 yr that they feel more clogged this  year than last year March. An 80 yr old conveyed ..”I thought it was because I was growing old “.
L.-Yes, I woke up at 7 am and immediately felt anxious and fearful .. I noticed it immediately .. thought maybe it could be I needed food or an issue I deal with from time-to-time.
Actually, I am kind of glad to know that it’s not just me. Things are just kind of off. Solar Flares, worried people, nervousness, ect. are all leading to a kind of mass panic attack.
I know that this will pass, things will calm, and I will be right again soon.  I just need to stop letting the world try to challenge my calm and find a happy place to ride out the storm. Those drama mongers that keep trying to assert their issues into my life can go back into their non-existence because they don’t matter to me.


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