Kindness always works.

Hey everyone,  I have to share a funny story with you.

Last week I was at my favorite place, Massage Envy.  I really needed to put my head on and relax after the really rough few weeks I’ve had. Taking time for myself and letting go of the stress and pain was amazing.  Having Chronic Lyme means that I am either in pain or uncomfortable physically for a large portion of the day.  But since I started going to my massage therapist regularly I have felt so much better, found relieve in my joints and circulation and I can actually think better.  So after feeling so worn down lately, I was thankful for the rest and relief.

I walked out ready to move forward with life and ready for the upcoming Jewish holidays.  As I went to check out it looked like everyone was having a really bad day.  The phones were down, the internet was down, and they had no way to check anyone out so they could pay. Customers were getting upset and some were walking out. Calmly I listened to the problems and tried to find a solution.  They had my credit card on file, clearly they could charge me as soon as they were back up.  No problem.

Stay calm, don’t let other circumstances ruin the peace just created.

Saturday I get a call from them, there were problems.  Monday I had to check with the bank to see if the charges were put through.  The bank had issues, then Massage Envy had issues, and the stress could have just wiped out the relaxing day I had.  But I kept in mind that these were only small hurdles and it would get taken care of.  After a few days I was able to get everything cleared up and today I called Massage Envy back and make sure they had their money.  The manager was so surprised and told me how upset she had been because the customers were being terrible and she was having to hunt them down for payment.  I told her that really that wasn’t the way I wanted to start the New Year and doing the right thing was always my priority.

Do the right thing, not for any reward but because it is right.

10 minutes later I got a call back from the manager just laughing and so excited.  She just got our letter from my Synagogue asking about a donation to the silent auction event I am working on in November. One of my committee members must have sent it out. She opened the mail right after we hung up.  When she saw my name at the bottom and just had to call me back and let me know that she would be donating an hour long massage for our Auction and it was all because of good Karma.  She said the first thing she thought of when she got off the phone was that she was going to pay back the good deed to the next person who needed it and surprise the letter she opened first in the mail was the one from Har Sinai.

My lesson:  Just be kind, do the right thing, and don’t let the world dictate how you are going to react.  You never know when it will be noticed! That’s a pretty good sign that staying calm, listening to your inner voice, and not letting stress beat you into a bad attitude is worth it.



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