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A few years ago I found myself in search of a title other than the ones used by every day people.  I wanted to have some sense of importance for what I do, and yet I think what the worst part was that I wasn’t truly sure what I did. So I set out on a journey to explore my passions, rekindle the light of my own fire, and make something out of myself.

The adventure took me down the path to starting a restaurant that turned into a cyber coffee café  dream. After reading and considering the realities of being tied down to one place every day and night with few breaks I realized that I probably am not the best person for owning something like that.  In truth, I do have a passion for coffee, a delight in reading, I love the idea of the independence being an owner would give me.  I am also pretty moody in the morning, I like my coffee and quiet first thing in the morning and I don’t like having to deal with cranky people.  Then there is the freedom of being able to set my own hours, travel with my family, and enjoy having my dog at my side for most of the day that I would have to give up.  So that dream wasn’t the best path for me.

I talked to friends and family about where the next road should take me.  Most of them pointed to writing books.  So I grabbed my keyboard and filled file after file with fairly decent concepts for books. I can write. I know this. It’s almost like saying I can breathe, because writing comes as easy as breathing. But I lack the direct focus at the moment to stick with one set of characters and complete their entire story in 1000 pages. I’m working on it, but that takes practice and determination.  I also get side tracked and jumped the rails to explore other things that I wanted to be.

Then came the inspiration for what I currently love doing, babies.  See here’s the thing, I love babies.  Some people like skydiving, some like cars, I like babies. From their tiny little toes to their squeaks and yawns, babies are my thing. So when friends started becoming baby factories I was in heaven and started making little things for them.  However I had to make them reflect my own personality, smooshy puppies and boring butterflies weren’t going to cut it for me.

A few baby blankets, then bibs, turned into onsies and t-shirts.  My friends and family loved my creations and I found that I loved the excitement of passing on what I loved to other people.  A good friend recommended Etsy.com to me and told me to just check it out.  If I liked it, I should sell my work there. For MONEY? Whaaa?  I didn’t have any idea that what I did could actually bring in money, it was just for fun.. it was really a good excuse for me to bring a gift as payment for me getting to hold the baby! I did check out Etsy and I was inspired.  Some of the artists on Etsy were really good!  And others were……. Well….. some of them are interesting.   But people are buying homemade items every day from Indie crafters on Etsy and I was very interested in how this worked out.

Soon I set up shop, started getting an inventory of items I thought were sellable and waited…. And waited… annnnnnd waited.  I was pretty disappointed, wasn’t I giving the public what they wanted? Why weren’t they coming to my shop?

Screw this, if I am going to sit at my sewing machine all day, I am going to make what I want to make and enjoy it.  I’m going to get up when I want, make my coffee and start whenever I want!  I’m going to let Wynter sit right next to me and take her for a walk when I want and enjoy it.  I don’t care if anyone buys my bibs and stuff, because I am going to be happy.  Wait.. you LIKE my zombie baby?  I set down my cranky juice and couldn’t believe my eyes.  When I started doing what I loved, people came to my shop and actually made purchases and left me feedback, MORE MONSTERS!

Was it possible I could be exactly who I wanted to be, and have found a way to create a title for myself that I wanted to wear?  Apparently it is.  I changed the name of my shop from Sassy Sewing to… Morning Tempest Studios.  I get to work after the morning mood storms have passed and I have finished my coffee.  I can be an artist, a writer, a master of monsters.  I make monsters… and a few other things.

I have been surprised at the way people have accepted me for the not so common crafter that I am.  But I am very thankful as well for the joy they have given me.  Want to know the best part?  I make monsters for babies around the world and sometimes their families send photos.

Today do what you love, do it proudly and carve out your own piece of perfect in your own life.

When my Brother teased me a few months ago about being just a spoiled housewife I laughed at the idea and announced THIS is actually what I am…

Crysta Icore –

Morning Tempest Studios

Owner · Sept 2011 to present

She is an appreciated Chief Infrastructure Strategist for an innovative cloud based firm that has endeavors that are financial, creative, and humanitarian. This isn’t your typical baby boutique filled with teddy bears and pastels. Our bibs, blankets, and t-shirts are geared towards those with more eclectic taste.  From steampunk to Ninjas, we do our best to create a shop where you can find entertaining gifts for the extraordinary family.

You can find my shop online at WWW.MorningTempestStudios.com and our shop blog at www.MorningTempest.com

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