I’m back!

I’ll admit it, for the last few weeks I have wanted to blog so badly but I prevented myself from doing so because I knew it would be a venting of my personal drama. I took some time off and tried to cool my thoughts before letting them spew all over the blog world.

But I had to come to terms with knowing that I am a writer and in order for things to move from the front of my brain to the back, I need to write and resolve.  Which is why I think that blogging is one of the most powerful therapy tools anyone could ever have.

Take time to pull out that stress that builds up and let it free on the blog. People love reading about real lives, real people coping with real emotions.

So while there might be times when you think I am a bit odd, I welcome your input and enjoy the feedback.

Now that being said, if you, like another fellow reader wish to tell me how horrible I am and how I am a cold selfish person, here’s the one thing I will try to make clear for you…  I don’t care.  Words have been weapons against me for my whole life, now I am setting new boundaries and taking back control of who is and isn’t allowed to matter to me.  If you have nothing better to do with your life and your time than to be nasty to me, I don’t need you in my life.  You words will be deleted, I won’t read them, I won’t care.  Deal with it.


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