Lyme check-up day

About twice a year I see my doctor to talk about the progression of my Chronic Lyme disease. I love my doctor, he’s easy to talk to and doesn’t scare me with talk about how my disease will continue.  He’s usually very positive and makes me feel like he’s pleased with how things are going.

Today was no different, the usual weight, BP, ect.  I was a little more annoyed at seeing the scale, frustrated with knowing I keep myself pretty restricted and try not to go crazy with food, yet I never see any change in weight. I’ve been a little more tired than usual, my joints have been pretty swollen and it is easier now to feel the pain settle in. But after my doctor went through the usual questions he assured me that it’s just the Lyme that’s making my exhaustion flare up and it would hopefully settle down once I got more sunshine.

There are days when I wish that I could just have a common cold and I knew it would be over in a few days.  Thankfully he seemed to think that I didn’t seem to be getting worse and I was on a good path.  We did a lot of blood work to make sure everything is working properly.  Not sure why, but blood days always seem to take the life out of me and my arm aches for days.

I know I am luck though that I have a great family, lots of support, and that I haven’t gotten to the ugly stage yet.

~ C. ~

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