YOU SUCK! ( The vacuum salesman from hell )

YOU Suck!

"The Dedusting Pump", later known as...
“The Dedusting Pump”, later known as vacuum cleaner. Deutsch: “Die Entstaubungspumpe”, später bekannt als Staubsauger. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Seriously, door to door sales people need to relax and learn how to back out with tact.  

At first I felt almost sorry for this poor boy who is here trying to pack up the room full of vacuum supplies that he spent 20 minutes unloading as he was giving his speech at tremendous speeds.  But there’s a point when I stopped feeling like I wanted to mother the poor lost soul and instead kick his obnoxious ass out of my house.  I think it came when he asked me for the 10th time if I had ever heard of Kirby and if I really didn’t care about my home, my children, or the filth my family was living in.  Excuse me? 

I was a sucker, I knew it as soon as I opened the door.  But I wanted to give them a chance and do something nice.  That was stupid. There was and still is no way I am spending $2500 on a vacuum cleaner, not now.. not ever.  And in fact, I told them that when they walked in the door.  But they offered to vacuum the carpet as long as I would listen to their short pitch.  Short wasn’t actually what I got, in fact I am pretty sure the boy ( 19) has ADHD and has NO ability to pay attention or remember what he’s being told when he asks the sales pitch standard questions : How long have you lived in your home? Are these new floors, if so don’t you want to keep them beautiful and protected from the dangerous dirt?

However, the guy just lost his cool when I told him that it was time to leave.  How could I live in the filth that his super duper expensive vacuum cleaner sucked out of my otherwise clean home?  Didn’t I want to be a good mother and keep the place tidy for my husband?  Oh.. dear.. god. 

When I told him I had to get back to work and had to ask him to leave, he turned into a spoiled child who slammed his toys back into the box and refused to speak to me for the next 20 minutes while he packed everything back into the box.  Oh well.. I wish him well and at the same time have learned a lesson about people who suck.

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