Thankful to be sick

I know it’s an odd thing that one might actually be thankful to have a cold.  But in truth there are things about being sick that I don’t actually hate. Sure, the ectoplasm that oozes out of my nose and chokes me when I try to sleep so that I wake up with coughing fits isn’t the most pleasant thing.  And I really wish that I could have these bouts wordy excellence when I am not buzzing on tea and cough drops, I could be famous!

However, I am actually thankful for sick days from time to time. The ability to rest up, snuggle on the couch, and think about what I should be doing and likely will be doing tomorrow.  Sick days are good for making you thankful that it’s only a cold, only temporary, and it will get better.

I am pretty sure my Hubby is just about sick of me being sick.  I am NOT a peaceful sicko.  I like to be left alone.  Happier if I can just take care of it on my own and deal with my own snot without having to be pretty or pleasant.  I don’t really even care for the sound of my own voice, so you can imagine how I feel about the sound of being asked over and over if someone can get me something.

But, I also hear the concern.  The asking me over and over if there is anything he can do is Michael’s way of showing me that he hasn’t forgotten that I am not feeling well and he’d do just about anything to make me feel better. And honestly, I am pretty sure if I told him that I would stop sneezing and feel instantly better if he’d plunge half-naked into the frozen bay.. he’d do it.

Being sick also lets me plan ahead for the things I want to do when I am feeling better. Like making those delicious cheesey quinoa bites that I saw online this morning, or cleaning up my messy bedroom.. which I WILL get done.. tomorrow. It lets me take it easy for a day or so, let the family go out hiking today without me.. and had a good excuse why I couldn’t go out wandering the countryside without a map to get back to civilization.  I needed a sick day.. a day to put my feet up, sit by the fire with the cat, and not feel guilty that I left the dishes in the sink.  It’s a sick day!


  1. I am also thankful when I got sick. 😀 Funny and weird right? But I am the person who actually don’t catch minor sickness like cold, and fever. My husband kept stopping me from wishing “I hope to be sick for at least 2 days”. 🙂 It’s just sometimes, I felt like in need to be cared much more. 🙂 And think without anything to do, once in a while. 🙂 That time, my husband would also prepare good food for me, and bring me to some place where there will be good and fresh air.. 😀


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