Is there no break?

Got Nails..??
Image by Upstate Options Magazine via Flickr

I woke up this morning to the news as I do each morning.  My daily dose of stark reality mixed with the sad frustration of having to leave my comfy bed and start the day.  Today however the news was just a bit more dreary.  It seems that my small guilty pleasure has now found a way to be deadly.  Really?  Can’t I just have one little thing that makes me feel really good about myself?

Apparently the UV lights that my nail place uses to set my gel nails is just like planting myself under a tanning bed.  And yes, really.. I sorta already thought about that as I was sticking my hands under the magic blue light.  But part of me just wanted to think that maybe it wasn’t true.  However, after getting up and making my way to the wonderful world of the Internet, I found the studies that were spoken of over the radio.

So why gel nails?  Well, having Lyme disease and Fibromyalgia, my nails get very ridged.  Their ugly deep groves just make me want to hide my hands.  To keep them smooth, I have to sand them down and fight with nail polish to stay on. But after a recent pampering trip to the salon, they suggested the use of gel nails and promised weeks of beautiful hands.  And I was in love after I went home with the most beautiful hot pink nails I have ever seen.  Even after 3 weeks, I had nails that other women were drooling over without a nick or scratch.  And even more impressive, I didn’t see the grooves in my nails.  At last I had a guilty pleasure that I showed off all the time.

But, in order to get the gel nails to set you must have your hands under the UV light repeatedly through the whole manicure.. which is actually about an hour.  Hmm.. not good.

So I guess my next visit will be to have my gel nails removed and ask them nicely to put something over my nails to help the ridges.  But I’ll be fan drying, I am not taking one more risk.

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