Morning Tempest Studios.. wait, that’s me!

So a few months ago I began selling craft items on  After some nudging by family and friends to get out there and sell some of the cute baby things I love to make for other people I set up shop. Morning Tempest Studios opened up in March 2011 and I have been so surprised at the progress it’s made. I love the way I feel when I am able to look at my shop and know.. hey, I did this!

Working from home is hard.  And honestly, it’s a lot more work than I thought it would be to have a webshop.  I do embroidery, making baby bibs, aprons, and now T-shirts.  I have this amazing place, Urban Threads, that has incredible artists who create embroidery designs that I then take and sew onto different items.  I LOVE it!  I never get tired of looking for new designs and sewing them for people.

One of the best things I have found that makes me so happy is getting to meet new people through my shop.  I’ve loved to hear their stories of why they are purchasing baby bibs or aprons. From a bride who purchased a monkey bib for her Man of Honor to the lovely women who have purchased Zombie Baby bibs for a zombie survival baby shower gift for a co-worker, each customer has a story that I love to hear.

Starting my webshop has been really a great distraction. No time to dwell on the boys moving into their adult lives, or the odd natural disasters that have given us everything from East coast Earthquakes to hurricanes that have flooded our area.  I’ve been so busy adding new items to my shop, blogging for my shop on, working with Twitter and Facebook to gather new customers, and learning how to be a more successful business owner.  I haven’t had a lot of time to pine away for lost boys.  This new project in my life has given me a self-esteem boost that I never imagined would happen. I love it, and I love the life I am making for myself each day.


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