Giving in

No, no more animals. We have more than we need.. really. Our menagerie of 2 dogs, a cat with an attitude, one last guinea pig, a bearded dragon who has recently scaled the walls of my heart, and the various pond animals was enough. I love animals and have always had more than I needed. But, I’m looking forward to being able to travel, cut back on expenses, and not having as much depending on my attention. Then..she came.  Damned it I knew that when Tarin came in and grabbed the cat food there was going to be conflict. However, Dad stayed out of it and let the boys handle it.  Feed it and send it on its way.

Sure enough when I went out there and saw this starving kitty howling and begging for both food and for someone to know she was there, my heart wanted to soften to her.  However, I knew that my goal had been to reduce not add more trouble. Alright, feed it.. and send it on its way.  And for 3 weeks that was the way… except feeding it turned into petting, to holding and snuggles whenever she begged for us to come and sit with her. Fine! We were going to find her a wonderful “furever” home.  Since she’s sweet and funny, wants to be held and is taking to humans quickly it shouldn’t be hard to find someone who would take her.  We said we wouldn’t get attached to her since this was only temporary. But that wasn’t really the truth. For each time she came to knock on the door, someone would always go to her and sweep her up into snuggles and melt when she purred…. it was me.

Her photos have gone out on Facebook and texted to potential winners, but nobody has come to claim her. But we are NOT keeping her. She’s gotten healthier and heavier with the constant food.  She’s learned how to purr and keep her claws in when she plays. And I went door to door asking if anyone knew of her or wanted to take her in.  I was bound to find her a new family who wanted to love her and take good care of her. Someone who understood that she’s a bit wild and that’s ok, attitudes are part of personalities. We really liked her and wanted her to find a loving home.. since we are not keeping her.

Afterall, we are going to send one son off to college, one off to his own apartment, another off to starting a new chapter in his life across the country.  We were starting a new phase in our life and downsizing. Hubby and I were in agreement about this, even though I liked to playfully blame him and his allergies to cats on the fact that we couldn’t keep her.  He always backs me up, is the voice of reason, and reminds me of our goals when I get a little free. ” What happens if you just let her in the house? ”  What??  No.. he didn’t just ask that.  And then.. it was over. The walls came down when Daddy let the stray cat in the house.


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