Things are picking up.

Well the morning started off a little soggy.  Rain always seems to pull me down with each drop.  However today my good mood seems to want to fight its way through the weather. It started off with waking up to my first online order from my Etsy shop, working on a previous order that I had thought wasn’t going to go as well as it actually turned out to go, and too a sharp upward turn when I took the  ‘Lil guy to his class and got to snuggle a friends’  new squishy baby who fell asleep as I was rocking her and granted me ” anytime you want her ” status with Daddy.  WOOT!

Back home now, getting ready to put the ‘Lil guy down for a nap and start sewing.  It’s a little hectic trying to do two jobs at once.  But I am so excited that I have the chance to do it.  So I will pull up my Big Girl panties and get to work.

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