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Weekly Writing Challenge: Music

As a writer I have many inspiration cues.  A smell, a color, a photo from the past can all be a good launching place to write from.  But today I want you to think about music as your guide.  Let it flow and take you somewhere else today as you dance with your fingertips and… Continue reading Weekly Writing Challenge: Music


What’s a blogger to do?

Being a blogger can be both a challenge and a complete bore.  Truthfully there’s no boss hanging over your head telling you that you need to be more productive, no deadlines other than your own, and creativity is all on you.  More than once I have sat here trying to find my “motivation” and came up… Continue reading What’s a blogger to do?

Blogger of the week

Blog of the Week – Random Thoughts from a Random Mind

Random thoughts from a random mind is this week’s blog of the week!  Challenging blogger, Chris, is one of my new favorite bloggers.  This blog is funky and fun. You really have no idea what’s going to be blogged about next. But here’s what we know about this fantastic blogger. Apparently Chris is a Libra who… Continue reading Blog of the Week – Random Thoughts from a Random Mind

Better Blogging

Sweet! A Super Sweet Blogger Award!

I was nominated by  hosted by Jonathan Caswell.  Jonathan is a poet and a brilliant writer.  I hope you will check out his site. So I guess I need to answer some questions: *MY FAVORITE DESSERT:  I LOVE Crème brûlée!  I have had a lot of different variations of it and all of them are simply… Continue reading Sweet! A Super Sweet Blogger Award!