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16… I believed him when he said he loved me. Believed that word meant something powerful and important. The way he cupped my face, held me there so I wouldn’t back away, kissed me as if he needed that kiss… Read More ›

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No Good

Sometimes I’m no good at writing poems. I tend to lie about what seems to rhyme. Sometimes I am just terrible    and can’t find the words I have a mean temper    when writing poetry. What does that say… Read More ›

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Raindrops of Change

When it rains I look out through my windows as the world around me seems to change just a bit. The dark clouds hang shadows over the normally sun filled patch of my garden and the air’s subtle change scents… Read More ›

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What’s a blogger to do?

Being a blogger can be both a challenge and a complete bore.  Truthfully there’s no boss hanging over your head telling you that you need to be more productive, no deadlines other than your own, and creativity is all on you. … Read More ›

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The 9’s

The 9’s I was 39 a few years ago and I felt as if I have no idea how I arrived there. Just yesterday I was 29 and everything seemed so up in the air. But 39 is almost peaceful. I… Read More ›

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In the Quad

A couple of years ago I found a few friends that I thought were gone from my life, but found them again when I started using Facebook.  Finding them again really brought up some old memories and here’s what came out of… Read More ›

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Think About it Thursdays

Here’s your list: 1. What’s your worst nightmare? 2. Have you been a sleepwalker? 3. How much sleep do you get each night? Feel like sharing your answers? Post them in the comment section! Don’t forget to post it on… Read More ›

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