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I really want to thank everyone who has taken the time from your busy lives to read and be a part of  this blog. I always feel so blessed when I see your comments and know you are still out there. Some of you have connected already through Facebook and I love seeing your names pop up.… Continue reading Interact with us on Facebook!


Like me or Not.

Not everyone is going to like me.  I know that.  I am different. I don’t blend in with the other crayons very well. But that doesn’t give anyone a reason to be mean.  Different shouldn’t be a threat, it isn’t a reason to be obnoxious. Maybe I am not like anyone you’ve ever known, and that’s… Continue reading Like me or Not.

FireFly Dance Updates

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  Did you know that we have prompts, discussions, and other options for writers on our Facebook page? Maybe you just want to be more informed about our newest posts, our Facebook page is great for getting updates as well as talking with other followers about what you love on our blog. Subscribers to email… Continue reading Have you liked us on Facebook?


laughter-silvered wings – John Gillespie Magee Jr.

“Oh, I have slipped the surly bonds of earth, And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings” ―     John Gillespie Magee Jr. Related articles The Hight Flight of John Gillespie ( High Flight (


Kindred connections

Like so many, I have always struggled with the concept of family and that historical bond that is said to connect people together and give them some sense of pride and bonding.  Yet in my own history I’ve seen blood family have little more to do with each other than passing strangers or childhood friends,… Continue reading Kindred connections


Be Real, Not Nice! End Fake Nice!

“Ohhh she’s so nice!”  “She’s the nicest person I know.” “She has a perfect life.” These things are never said about me. That’s because I gave up being fake about who I really am and started loving the real me. I am not always nice, sometimes it happens. But I am known for being fair, honest,… Continue reading Be Real, Not Nice! End Fake Nice!

Weekly Writing Challenge

Weekly Writing Challenge – I believe in…

This week’s writing challenge asks you to think deeply about the things you believe in.  Tell us about those beliefs, write about how it makes you feel, or tell us a story about believing in something. Don’t forget to post it on your blog or your Facebook and post the link here in the comment… Continue reading Weekly Writing Challenge – I believe in…