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Sometimes the music of my thoughts needs to play freely as I wander through my thoughts.

Hearing Voices

Originally posted on Gnawing the Bone:
Ray heard voices when he meditated. They sounded like muffled snippets of conversation coming from another room. Not much more than gibberish, really, but twice he’d heard complete sentences, soft and intimate, spoken in…

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National Short Story Week

Originally posted on Bryan Hemming:
National Short Story Week starts today, 17th November 2014, and runs until the end of the week, 23rd November. To mark the occasion I am inviting short story bloggers to publish a link to one of their own…

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Back to work

Some of you know that in addition to writing, I also have a small business called Morning Tempest Studios. I embroider baby bib, blankets, onsies, and sometimes aprons for Moms. But earlier this year I needed to take a break… Read More ›

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The Bell Witch

When I was a little girl, living in rural Tennessee, the story of the Bell Witch was as common as any story ever told. The haunting of the Bell family by the terrible witch was both a story of how… Read More ›

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I forgive you.

Dear You Know Who You are,

I forgive you for dying and leaving me here in this world without a clue as to how I am going to be able to get through a whole day without seeing something that reminds me of you and missing you even more.

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Originally posted on West Tower:
When the sun sets, hearts and minds will rise above all and creativity will spur. Bravery will be produced. Internal energy will live on. The disappointing thing is that the outdoors is dangerous and the…

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