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Sometimes the music of my thoughts needs to play freely as I wander through my thoughts.


Originally posted on Busy Mind Thinking:
While you sleep I keep myself busy Tracing the details of your hands The dimensions and features of your face I write in our journal Screen shot every text ever exchanged Print every email…

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Originally posted on HistrionicVoices:
Leaning: A Short Story Photo credits to @fetching_tigerss on Instagram My brother made me write this. I think he wants to teach me to work hard. To train for the future. This should help me gain…

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Fear of Writing

Originally posted on P.S.Hoffman:
My name is P.S. Hoffman and I’m afraid of writing. It’s a subtle thing, a small thing that’s hard to notice, but it’s always there. In between every word, there is a pause, a…

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525,600 chances

January 1st.. New Years… the day when just about everyone has a list of things they would do differently this year. Perhaps they will be more organized, stop smoking, or plan to bring their lunch to work more often. Some… Read More ›

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Originally posted on kushtrimthaqi:
Since the beginning of my mind I saw with eyes that were not mine, I walked with legs that I couldn’t lift And the air I breathed was drenched in greed. I swallowed thoughts that other…

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Not anymore

When the attacks start you try to tell yourself lies, something to make it feel better. ” They are only words, I know it’s not true.” But you hate yourself for taking it, wish you could say something that would… Read More ›

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