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Dark Places review

Originally posted on The Ultimate Book Geek:
Title: Dark Places Author: Gillian Flynn Rating: 5 stars Wow. Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl left me speechless. It had me flipping page after page, only to reach the end, throw the book across the room (gently,…

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Raindrops of Change

When it rains I look out through my windows as the world around me seems to change just a bit. The dark clouds hang shadows over the normally sun filled patch of my garden and the air’s subtle change scents… Read More ›

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Last year I asked my readers to write something descriptive. I had a few ideas of what I would write myself, but I didn’t actually expect I would tell this story.  I hope you will read it and let me know… Read More ›

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Annabelle (2014) Review

Originally posted on FRAKING FILMS:
When The Conjuring hit cinemas there was a singular standout character that really terrified us and got right inside our dreams. I am of course talking about the possessed doll, Annabelle. It wasn’t long then…

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Dear Guilt,

I took this time to deal with my own life. It’s mine; I need to tend to it.  But that’s not good enough for you is it? You tell me it’s time to get over it, time to come back… Read More ›

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To thrill takes skill!

Ok, there have been hundreds of horror movies made. But only a few have true nightmare quality. It takes true skill to actually dig into the brains of horror lovers and scare the hell out of them. But recently I… Read More ›

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