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Galillo hike (Andalucia, Spain)

Originally posted on Looking For 42:
We leave our farm stay before the dawn to drive around the mountains to the start of the hike to Galillo in the Sierra de la Cazorla. There are various ways to complete this hike. You can do a loop that takes in views of La Iruela and Cazorla. Or…

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Weekend Recipes: Roast Tofurky baked w/Caramelized Onion & Cherries

So, those of you who know me personally know that I am a vegetarian and love to cook. So each year I spend a great amount of time looking for new recipes for my Thanksgiving feast.  Through the years we have had some … interesting dishes, some passed down family favorites, and always found a… Continue reading Weekend Recipes: Roast Tofurky baked w/Caramelized Onion & Cherries


If I loved a woman…

  Sometimes you look at her and you know, she is the one who hangs the moon and has the power to destroy your world, because you gave her all the secrets. But you love her and want to make a life with her. Why does that have to be so hard? Women are complex,… Continue reading If I loved a woman…

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Weekly Writing Challenge – Food critics

I am a foodie, I LOVE exploring new restaurants and trying new dishes. We travel a lot and part of our planning process is plotting out the places we will eat along our trip. We have a few websites that we like to consult for dining advice, but food bloggers have some of the best advice for out-of-the-way places and… Continue reading Weekly Writing Challenge – Food critics


Brave girls and Dresses

My daughter is a GIRLY girl. She’s the kind of teenage girl that works each day like a fashion show. From shoes to hair, she plans out her outfits to match some sort of theme she’s going with for the week. I love it. Even though it is as far from the girl I was… Continue reading Brave girls and Dresses

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Changing Focus and Gaining Strength as a Blogger

Many of us start our blogs as diaries, a place carved out on the web for our dreams, thoughts, sometimes rants, and a few crazy memes. These blogs are created by the hour, last for a while, and usually die in a year or so.  However the blogs need focus, and a purpose.  You won’t… Continue reading Changing Focus and Gaining Strength as a Blogger

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Please Pass the Peas

When I was a kid I was a picky eater.  I had a handful of things that I considered edible and anything else was left behind.  No amount of begging and bargaining would get me to eat my veggies. My family tried everything to convince me that veggies were good to eat and not for… Continue reading Please Pass the Peas